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Home Renovation: Fowey
Renovation Fowey: Nestled in the heart of Fowey, the former Grammar School building has undergone a full renovation to become a luxurious apartment with sweeping sea views.
Fowey / Cornwall
T Crook
Date Completed:
Warvena Design & Build

With a focus on luxury and functionality, this revitalized space promises an unparalleled living experience in one of Cornwall’s most picturesque locations.

Apartment No. 2, overlooking Fowey Harbour, underwent a complete transformation to deliver contemporary living at its finest, accentuated by high-end finishes and seamless integration of smart home technology.



This remodel showcases a bespoke traditional kitchen, custom-crafted joinery items, and indulgent bathrooms, all adorned with thoughtful details throughout. Enhancements include newly crafted joinery-made windows, strategically positioned new external openings to maximize sea views, and traditional coving to preserve the apartments character and charm

Client Testimonial

“Adam, Chris and their whole team were fantastic from the every first meeting – their professionalism and enthusiasm for the job was matched by their organisation and planning. We didn’t have an architect for our job as it started out as a ‘straightforward renovation’. 

We were the archetypal nightmare clients – the job became progressively more complicated as they peeled away layers of wall to find mostly crumbling mud, and layers of flooring and ceiling to find rotten joists / floating walls. Scope-creep may also have come into it as I got more ideas for the potential for the flat as we went along. At every stage, they managed to interpret my sketches and deliver exactly what we’d hoped for.

Having worked with various builders in the past, Warvena have a unique combination of creativity and logistical ability, a fantastic eye for detail, which was invaluable. Most of all, they were great fun to work with throughout. Highly recommended team!”

New Access

The concept emerged to enhance the entry to the flat by converting a porch into a third bedroom, thereby expanding the family space. This decision triggered a series of adjustments,necessitating the redesign of an entirely new bridge to provide access to the new front door. This innovative approach not only maximizes functionality but also ensures a seamless integration of additional living areas, enhancing the overall appeal and utility of the space.

More Space

In many areas, we discovered the potential to raise the ceilings, imparting a grander ambiance to the apartment and creating a more spacious atmosphere in each room. This enhancement truly elevated the property, culminating in the addition of expansive period coving that beautifully complemented the overall aesthetic and feel of the space.


The customer brought forth some exceptional ideas and visions for bespoke joinery items. We ultimately crafted bay window seating to capture the picturesque view of Fowey Harbour, along with a custom dining table booth seating area, drinks cabinet, and shoe storage unit and expansive period coving.

In summary


This apartment renovation in Fowey represents the epitome of coastal living, where modern luxury harmonizes with historic charm to create a truly exceptional living experience. Welcome home to a place where every detail has been thoughtfully curated to exceed expectations and inspire a life well-lived.